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    Connecting WorldCat to Primo and Primo VE

    • Product: Primo, Primo VE


    What links should be defined in WorldCat to link it to Primo search?


    • When configuring WorldCat to send queries to Primo you will have to fill in the following fields:

    - Base URL

    - Online Catalog Direct to ISBN

    - Online Catalog Direct to ISSN

    - e-Serial ISSN Search

    - Online Catalog Direct to OCLC Number


    All of the links above are built on the Base URL + query parameters.

    - Base URL for Classic Primo UI: http://<primo domain>/primo_library/libweb/action/<view code>

    - Base URL for New Primo UI: https://<primo domain>/primo-explore/search?vid=<view code>&sortby=rank&lang=en_US

    - Base URL for Primo VE : https://<primo domain>/discovery/search?vid=<view code>&sortby=rank&lang=en


    Example links:

    - Online Catalog Direct to ISBN: https://<primo domain>/primo-explore/search?vid=<view code>&sortby=rank&lang=en_US&query=isbn,contains, 

    - Online Catalog Direct to ISSN: https://<primo domain>/primo-explore/search?vid=<view code>&sortby=rank&lang=en_US&query=any,contains,

    - e-Serial ISSN Search: https://<primo domain>/discovery/search?vid=<view code>&sortby=rank&lang=en&query=issn,contains, 

    - Online Catalog Direct to OCLC Number: https://<primo domain>/discovery/search?vid=<view code>&sortby=rank&lang=en&query=any,contains, 

    Additional Information

    • There is no out-of-the-box field for eISSN and OCLC number in Primo, which is why the former uses ISSN search while the latter uses a general search.
    • In Primo, both values can be normalized into local search fields (lsrXX), which can then be mapped into the query in WorldCat as "&query=lsrXX,contains".
    • For additional information on Deep Links visit the Developers Network.


    • Article last edited: 5-Nov-2018
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