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    Databases and collections missing from Database Search tool in Primo VE

    • Product: Primo VE



    Some databases and electronic collections are missing from Database Search results in Primo VE.



    Two conditions must be met for a databases or electronic collection to appear in Primo VE Database Search results.  

    • Condition 1: The database or collection must be associated with a descriptive (bibliographic) record that is not suppressed. 
    • Condition 2: There must be a collection-level URL configured for linking to the database or collection.
    To verify that these conditions are met:
    1. Do an Electronic Collection repository search for the database or collection:
    2. Right click, select Edit Collection, and look for an MMS ID in the upper left corner of the page  
      • If an MMS ID is present, the collection is associated with a descriptive (bibliographic record)
      • If the existing bib record is suppressed, use the MD Editor to unsuppress the record
      • If an MMS ID is not present, go to the Additional tab and add a bib record to the Additional descriptive information field
    3. Go ot the Additional tab of the Electronic Collection Editor, and confirm that a valid collection-level URL is in the Level URL field.  If needed, add a valid URL to the Level URL (override) field
    4. Click Save when done

    Note:  If the modified collections do not appear in Primo VE's Database Search after 24 hours, indexing may be required.  Please open a case in the Support Portal and include a link to this article in the case.


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    • Article last edited: 10-Apr-2020