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    How To Create Permalinks to Primo Records


    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo

    Desired Outcome Goal

    Add a link to every local Primo record that can be used later to access that record in Primo directly using


    1. Add a custom link in the Templates mapping table with the value:

    Code: permalink
    Template code:


    Replace values in <brackets> with correct institution information.

    2. Add a field to the “Full Display Labels” code table:

    Code: default.fulldisplay.permalink
    Description: Permalink to this record
    Language: en_US

    3. Create a custom link field in the normalization rules:

    Type: Constant
    Value: $$Tpermalink$$Epermalink
    Transformation: Copy As Is

    The $$T field sets the template to use and the $$E value sets the display string.

    4. In the Views Wizard > Tiles Display > Full Display > Full Results add the custom link field (e.g. lln02) to the links display.

    5. Run a “deploy all”.

    6. Run an re-normalization pipe to update the records.

    Additional Information

    Following Primo 4.6, Permalinks are now included by default in the Actions selector for each item, which makes the topic of this article mostly obsolete.


    These permalinks don’t link directly to the item but rather to a search for the item by the ID. This gets around the problem with de-duplicated record ids, which are impossible to know during the link creation stage and prone to change with every re-normalization.

    In Voyager, direct links to specific records are called Persistent Links. Persistent Link is another name for Permalink.


    • Article last edited: 1/22/2016