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    How To Force DEDUP before Primo Service Pack 4.4?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    Force DEDUP

    Starting from Service Pack 4.4 and on, there is an option to select the "Force DEDUP" option in any pipe run.

    For installations prior to SP4.4, there are two options for performing this task:

    1- The first option will not allow searches on the refreshed Data Source(s).
    A - Run a Delete DB Pipe on the desired Data Source (this will mark all DB records to be deleted)
    B - Run an Index. When the index is completed, a Physical Delete Records Pipe will be automatically executed, removing all records that were previously marked for deletion
    C - Run a regular Pipe to reload the DB (creating the dedup vectors anew)
    D - Run an Index enabling the records to be searchable in the FE
    *** Note: following step B through the completion of step D - records being refreshed will not be searchable in the FE

    2- The second option requires no search downtime, yet must be followed meticulously in order to ensure no long-term changes are made, and will take longer to complete.
    A - In the Normalization Rules (NRs), make a minor change to any field. For example: add a transformation to "add period at the end" on "dedup:c"
    B - Deploy the NRs
    C - Run an Update Data Source Pipe (this will force the pipe to rebuild the dedup vectors in the DB)
    D - Return the NRs to their original configuration (i.e. remove the transformation adding the period)
    E - Deploy the NRs
    F - Run an Update Data Source Pipe again (rebuilding the corrected dedup vectors using the original configuration)
    *** Note that this process MUST be completed for ALL data sources, to ensure that the vectors for all records are recreated properly.

    Additional Information

    See SI# 16384-434816

    • Article last edited: 11/27/2013