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How to get the number of records in Primo VE by criteria


You can run a search with wildcard "*" and a specific filters to get the number of records in Primo VE by criteria.

For example, in order to check how many new records were published in Primo VE in the last 90 days,

or how many records there are with a specific material type ie book.



To do that, you can either perform in the Advanced Search a search that returns all records for one or more selected pre-filters (such as Material Type Book).


Or another option, is to use the following URL structure to perform a broad search with a wildcard with one or more conditions, for example:


or another example to get the number of new records in the last three months:



Can be used also for -

This method could be very useful to create 'canned searches'  for recently published titles from a given material type from the library portal or from a specific libguide.


For further instruction on how to use Primo and Primo VE deep links click here.


For further information about Advanced Searches click here


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