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    How do I hide the More Tab in Primo?

    • Product: Primo


    How do I hide the More Tab in Primo?


    For Primo Version 4.9 and newer:

    Uncheck the applicable lines in the GetIT! Link 2 Configuration mapping table.

    Save, and Deploy.


    For Primo versions older than 4.9:

    - It's not possible to remove the More tab only for some records, it will have to be hidden using CSS for all.

    Add the following code to your custom css file:

    .EXLResult .EXLMoreTab {display:none;}


    Additional Information

    To know what line needs to be disabled you will need to look at the record's PNX > delivery section.

    For example: 
    <delcategory>Remote Search Resource</delcategory> 

    Once you have this information go to Primo Back Office > Advanced Configuration > All Mapping Tables

    Edit the GetIT! Link 2 Configuration mapping table. 
    Search the "Delivery Category Code" column for the value in the delcategory field (Remote Search Resource); and the "Availability Status Code" column for the value in the fulltext field (fulltext_linktorsrc).

    Uncheck the checkboxes in the Enabled column, save, and deploy.


    • Article last edited: 12-Apr-2018