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    How to activate Captcha in Primo

    • Product: Primo




    The Captcha feature is being used to protect the website from bots attacks.

    This article instructs how to activate the Captcha feature in Primo emails (note this is done on Installation level).

    Activation Steps:

    1. Go to:

    and get a pair of CAPTCHA keys.


    Note: these keys are tied to specific domain names, so be sure to include all domain names you use to access Primo. 

    You may skip the list of domains and after adding one domain only, go to the "Advanced Settings" link and uncheck the option: "Verify the origin of reCAPTCHA solutions". Then the domains option won't be in use.

    Copy the Site Key and Secret Key generated.


    2. Go to the Primo Back Office > Advanced Configuration > General Configuration > E-mail and SMS Configuration Sub-System.


    3. On the "Activate Captcha [Y/N]" row set the Value column to Y.


    4. On the "Private Captcha Key" row set the Value column to the Secret Key.


    5. On the "Public Captcha Key" row set the Value column to the Site Key.


    6. Click "Save & Continue"


    7. Run "Deploy" for the "System Configuration"


    8. The Captcha is enabled now for emails in Primo, and will show the following:




    Additional Information



    Under the section:Email and SMS Configuration Parameters


    • Article last edited: 20-October-2016