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    How to add a custom thumbnail template for a record in Primo?

    • Product: Primo


    Add a thumbnail of the cover images to Primo search results from a specific web source, based on metadata in the pnx.


    1. Edit the Normalization rule of thumbnail\links and add a new rule so records will have a constant $$Tnewcover_thumb
    Choose the template name, just keep the format $$T{}_thumb and no spaces.

    Primo presents the cover of the first positive response, so if a record has:

    and Amazons' response was positive with a thumbnail image, the new thumbnail image template won't be presented.
    Therefore if you would like to give priority to the new template, put it first in the pnx.

    2. In the mapping table- Template: add a new row with address to the picture itself.
    Note: the template must lead to the picture itself,

    If the link is using data from the pnx (for example: issn\addata) enter the pnx directory with 2 curly brackets



    Template Code={{addata/issn}}.png

    3. Deploy the NR, run an update pipe, deploy the mapping table.
    The new cover should be presented in the FE.


    Additional Information

    How to use custom URL links for the thumbnail displayed for a record in Primo


    • Article last edited: 14-Jan-2020