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How to add or change tooltips for Primo main menu links

  • Product: Primo, Metalib
  • Product Version: 4.9.7+
  • Relevant for Installation Type:  Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local


If you add or edit links in the main menu tile by using the views wizard (as described here), the tool-tip is generated by default to match the code of the link.


You add the link named "ILL" in the views wizard:

Code "ill", Label "ILL", URL and linking behavior

--> after saving and deploying the view the link will be generated named "ILL" with tool-tip "ill".


You can add custom tool-tips by editing the code table Frontend / Header/Footer Tiles. If you have installation level access please make sure to select correct Primo institution!

The necessary row might look like this:

Code: "default.mainmenu.tooltip.ill", Label "Inter Library Loan", Language "en_US"

--> after saving and deploying the view the link will have the tool-tip "Inter Library Loan"

For the new Primo UI, the descriptions of the links display in the tooltip and links page (when clicking on ‘…’) are defined in the View labels code table. The codes of the out-of-the-box links are already defined, and the codes for other links should be defined in the table.

For example:


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