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    How to disable the tags feature in Primo classic and new UI

    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4.9.9


    In May 2017 Primo Release the tags feature is enabled for all MTE Primo institutions.


    To disable the tags feature:

    Classic UI:

    Add these lines to your custom CSS file and upload the file on Primo back-office:

    .EXLResult .EXLReviewsTab {display:none;}

    The main menu link can be deleted in the Views wizard > Tile configuration > Main menu.

    NEW UI: 

    1. Download your view id customization package on the Primo back-office.

    2. Paste the code into the custom css file located in the primo-explore package/CSS directory.

    /* Hide Tags in Detailed Display */
    /* Hide Tags in Menu Tab */[aria-label="Tags"] {display:none;}[aria-label="nui.mainmenu.label.tags"] {display:none;}

    Following Primo August 2017 Release, use ...[aria-label="TAGS"]... (all capital letters)

    3. Save and upload the complete package.

    This code will remove all instances of TAGS, in both the main menu and Details page. You may need to check the value of aria-labels depending on which languages are enabled for the View in order to hide the Tags features.

    It is recommended to test all changes before you upload with Chrome development tools or the node.js test environment.

    Please keep a backup of your customization package before you apply any changes.

    Example for Swedish and English labels:

    /* Remove Tags */[aria-label="Taggar"]{display: none;}[aria-label="Tags"]{display: none;}
    #tags{display: none;}

    Make sure you check that tags are hidden in the main menu when signed in and on the My Library Card page:

    /* Hide Tags in Main Menu for authwenticated users and guest users */
    .md-button[aria-label="nui.mainmenu.label.tags"], .md-button[aria-label="TAGS"], {display: none;}

    Total Care customers: please contact Ex Libris Support to do these changes for you.

    Additional Information

    Find more details in the Highlights of Primo May 2017 release  and the Back Office Guide.

    • Article last edited: 12-Sep-2017
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