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    How to display 20 facets in the Brief Results?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    To display 20+ Location and Author facets in the "refine my results" lightbox (when clicking on more options).

    1. Connect to the Primo Back Office
    2. Go to Advanced Configuration > Search Engine Configurations: Maximum Number of Displayed Facets
    The default value is 20; hence the location facet displays no more than 20 facets.
    The Resource Type facet is defined as a Static Facet which can display 20+ facets.
    3. To display 20+ results for the Location (and author) facet(s) it must be a static facet.
    4. Go to Advanced Configuration > All Mapping Tables > Static Facets > Static Facets
    5. In the Create a New Static Facet section, select a facet in the Choose a Facet drop-down list.
    6. Click Create to add the new facet to the mapping table.
    *For every static facet, the Values Table Name and Code Table Name fields are defined automatically by the system and cannot be modified.
    7. Click Save to save changes and return to the Static Facets Subsystem page.
    8. Click Edit to modify the facet values of the facet defined, for example, the facet_genre_values table opens.
    9. Enter values in the fields in the Create a New Mapping Row area to add a new facet value to this table.
    10. Click Create to add the new mapping row to the table.
    11. Click Save to save changes and return to the Static Facets Subsystem page.
    12. Click Synch to propagate the new values to the associated code table (e.g. Basic Media Type code table for prefilter facets).
    *This operation only adds new values to the code table.
    To override existing values, update the code table manually.
    13. Deploy the code and mapping tables.

    Additional Information

    The static facet list is constructed from the first 50,000 results, as explained in the following documentation: Back Office Guide > Facets > Introduction
    How to create the static facet can be found at: Back Office Guide > Facets > Configuring Static Facets

    Category: BO Configuration

    Subject: Code & Mapping Tables

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013