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    How to exclude display/types or formats from DEDUP?

    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4
    • Relevant for Installation Type: MT, Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local

    Desired Outcome Goal

    To exclude display/type(s) or formats from DEDUP (e.g. display/type=map).


    1. Connect to the Primo Back Office

    2. Navigate to the DEDUP section of the Normalization Rules and edit the "dedup:t" rule [Advanced Configuration > Full Normalization Rule Configuration].

    3. Edit as follow:

    • Rule Group: dedup_t
    • Source: Constant
    • Value: 99
    • Conditions: True / True
    • Condition 1 - Source: PNX
    • Value: display/type
    • Success If: Match Any
    • Routine: Check string equals string
    • Parameter: map
    • Transformation: Copy As Is
    • Action: OR

    See example: -

    This rule is added as a rule #1; there should already be out-of-the-box values for rule #2 [dedup_t=1] and rule #2 [dedup_t=2].

    4. Perform a DEDUP normalization rule check on a record that has characteristics in 008 position 6 indicating "map".
    Refer to this for details:

    5. Once the normalization rule test passes (e.g. maps get dedup_t=99), Save/Deploy.

    In order to correctly rebuild the DEDUP vectors, run update pipe and check the "Force DEDUP" checkbox.

    6. Navigate to the Pipe for the data source that will use these normalization rules [Monitor Primo Status > Pipe Monitoring] and run the "No Harvesting - Update DS" pipe.

    7. When step #6 is complete, navigate to the PNX Viewer and verify that the newly loaded data has dedup/t=99.
    8. For Multi tenant Direct customers: Wait until the next index and hotswap job are completed;  

        For Dedicated-Direct and Local hosted customers: Execute the index and hotswap job. 

    9. When step #8 is complete, do some test searches in the Primo Front End to verify that the display/type no longer dedups.

    • Article last edited: 08-Jan-2017

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