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    How to Export Primo Configuration in MT environments

    Product: Primo

    Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tennant


    1. In the Back Office, go to: Primo Home > Monitor Primo Status > Tools Monitoring, and create the tool: "Export Primo Configuration".


    2. Fill the fields of the tool:


    • Name: A name for the tool.
    • Export Type: All of Primo configuration, or Normalization sets only.
    • Transfer Method: Profile.
    • Profile: Choose the relevant environment which you want to export the configuration to.
    • Email Address: For notifications on the process.


    3. Click Save, and execute the tool from the "Tools List" page.

    Additional Information

    • Once exported, the export file will be saved in the target server (i.e. the environment chosen in "profile"). From the target server it is now possible to use the "Import tool" to load the configuration exported.

    • For more information please see the Back Office guide, here: Exporting/Importing the Full Configuration

    • Article last edited: 26-May-2016