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How to change display fields for Brief Record Display in Primo VE

  • Product: Primo VE


Can fields be added to the brief record display in Primo VE?


Yes they can. Out of the box brief record displays the following fields:

  1. Vernacular Title; Title
  2. Creator; Contributor
  3. Creation date
  4. Is Part of

*Primo VE can only display 4 fields-but they can be customized:

To begin navigate to:

  • Discovery > Configure Views > select view > edit > navigate to Brief Record Display


This is what a brief record in Primo VE looks like with out-of-the-box display:


  • Select Customize
    • You will see Restore if customizations have already been done. In this case you will edit the row you wish to work on.
  • Choose field to edit > several options:
    • +Add Field
    • Delete row
    • Choose delimiter-default is ; (semicolon) if more than one field is to be added to a display row
    • Select Active or deactivate a field in the display
  • This is an example of a modified Brief Record Display with Genre added as a display field:





Additional Information

For more information on Configuring Discovery Views for Primo VE, please click here.


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