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    How to test EBSCO API outside of Primo?

    • Product: Primo


    1. Modify the following URL to test the EBSCO API
    2. In the URL replace the values for the following parameters:
      • The db= values with your EBSCO API DBs (see Additional Information)
      • The prof= value with your EITWS profile username (see Additional Information)
      • The pwd= value with the password for the EITWS profile
      • The query= value with a term to be searched. The URL is already setup to use the value superman
    3. Paste the modified URL into a browser
    4. Examine the search results.

    Additional Information

    1. This URL {Base-Primo-Domain}/PrimoWebServices/xservice/search/brief/?institution={Institution-code} can also be used to test EBSCO API, if the IP-address of your PC has been added to the WS and XS IP mapping table in the Primo Back Office. 
    2. EBSCO database code can be found at
    3. Acquire an EITWS EBSCO profile account from the EBSCO Integration Toolkit at The profile username has a format of customerID.groupID.profileID.
    4. Check all active EBSCO API DBs to the given profile at


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    • Article last edited: 16-May-2018
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