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    Hyphenated Terms Not Found Unless Hyphen Included

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4

    Problem Symptoms:
    * Local records have hyphens in search fields (title, subject etc.)?
    * A search for the term with hyphen (one-way), retrieves the record
    * However, a search for the term without the hyphen (one way), doesn't retrieve the record

    Remove Hyphens option is not checked.

    1. In the Back Office, as the ExlibrisSupport user go to Advanced Configuration > Search Engine Configurations
    2. Expand Miscellaneous option (click the plus sign)
    3. Check Remove hyphens option
    4. Save
    5. Go to the Primo Home > Deploy All > deploy Search Engine Configuration
    5. Re-index the database
    6. Remove hyphens should remain checked.

    Additional Information

    1. "Remove Hyphens" can be seen and edited only via ExlibrisSupport user.
    2. Background for this feature- from SP 3.1.1 RN, PRM-13972:
    'The standard behavior of the Search Engine is to remove hyphens when normalizing data for indexing and when normalizing the search query. This is problematic for e.g. Finnish, because it has many hyphenated words. The "Remove hyphens" field has been added to Advanced Configuration > Search Engine Configurations > Miscellaneous page in the Primo Back Office. By default, this field is selected, keeping the current behavior of the system. If it is cleared, the system will not remove hyphens during normalization of indexing and search queries. '
    3. "Remove Hyphens" option affects the index as well as the search. Running index while this option is checked will cause the records to be indexed without hyphens.

    Category: Front End

    Subject: Brief results

    • Article last edited: 6/19/2014