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    No Primo Central Results After Upgrade to New Server

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo

    Problem Symptoms:
    When searching the PC scope in Primo, the following error message appears:
    ?€œAn unexpected error has occurred?€?

    Possible Causes:
    1. New environment IP is not authorized in Primo Central
    2. Error in thirdnode-config.xml

    Cause 1. New environment IP is not authorized in Primo Central

    1. From the Primo BE, go to Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Institution Wizard
    2. Choose the relevant institution
    3. Click on ?€œMyProfile?€?
    4. Click on ?€œMy Client Applications?€?
    5. Choose the relevant institution
    6. Click on ?€œEdit FE IP Addresses?€?
    7. Under ?€œIP Address?€?, add all the IP addresses of the new server. One address per line.
    8. Click on ?€œSubmit Changes?€?
    9. Wait for 3 hours

    Cause 2 Error in thirdnode-config.xml
    1. Go to a specific FE (not a load balancer) and perform a search. It should fail.
    2. On the server, check the fe_log (library_server.log) for near the end of the file for an error message related to thirdnode-config.xml

    Sample error message: 2014-08-22 12:19:24,400 ERROR [t-http-bio-1701-exec-88] [c-TNConfigurationManager] - Failed to init thirdnode config, error: error: </adaptor_config> does not close tag <parameters>.

    3. Review thirdnode-config.xml in the fe_conf directory for the error indicated in the log (unmatched <parameters> entries in this example).
    4. Save changes and test.

    Category: PC via Primo

    • Article last edited: 8/29/2014