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    PDS gives a 500 Internal Server Error after login

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: Jul-15

    Problem Symptoms
    - PDS returns 500 Internal Server Error after the authorization process
    - PDS version is 2.1.4
    - Apache error log contains a line with the error message:

    Undefined subroutine &IOZ311_file::io_z311_file called at /exlibris/primo/p4_1/pds/program/ line 65.

    This error will occur because is not including the IOZ311_file Perl module.

    1. Logon to each PDS server
    2. Run the following commands:
    ** Note that the SED command is two lines and must not have any spaces following the backslashes
    cd program
    cp -p`date +"%Y%m%d"`
    sed -e '/use PDSUtil;/i\\
    use IOZ311_file;'`date +"%Y%m%d"` >
    touch PDStouchfile

    Additional Information

    See Also Aleph 22 - error in apache related to PDS (2.1.4): Undefined subroutine &IOZ311_file

    Error may also be intermittent.

    Fixed in PDS 2.1.5.

    Category: PDS