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    Primo Central Facets Display Unrelated Results

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Primo


    After refining by a facet, Primo Central display unrelated FRBR results. Why?


    This is a known issue of the Primo Central FRBR process.Primo Central performs the FRBR process on its entire index without relation to customer collection activation.

    When a customer performs a search via Primo Central, the displayed facet list is created from the first 200 results. Each record that belongs to a FRBR group within those 200 results will also retrieve the rest of the group records facets. Those facets are merged and added to the displayed facets list. This leads to a situation where FRBR records can appear that don't apply to the chosen facet limitation. Those FRBRd records have at least one other record in the FRBR group that does apply to the facet limitation. Because of the facets merge, those unrelated records are displayed.

    In some cases, the other records (from the FRBR group) may not appear, which does apply to the facet limitation, because they haven't been activated in the PC registration system.
    Currently, Primo Central can't perform the FRBR process specific to each customer's activation.

    • Article last edited: 01-Jun-2017
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