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    Primo FE very slow to respond to requests

    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: Primo August 2016
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local


    • The Primo FE takes over a minute to load
    • The default Primo View takes over a minute to load
    • The FE server shows no significant percentage of I/O wait or Soft Interrupts
    • The FE lockedThread.log shows errors similar to the following:
    2016-11-02 23:01:05,735 INFO  [t-Thread-41] [c-ThreadsMonitor] - =========================================================================
    2016-11-02 23:01:05,735 INFO  [t-Thread-41] [c-ThreadsMonitor] - Thread http-bio-1701-exec-710/8584 is running more than 40000 ms.
    2016-11-02 23:01:05,735 INFO  [t-Thread-41] [c-ThreadsMonitor] - Request: /layouts/dynamic_layout.jsp?vid=default
    2016-11-02 23:01:05,735 INFO  [t-Thread-41] [c-ThreadsMonitor] - Stack trace:
    2016-11-02 23:01:05,737 INFO  [t-Thread-41] [c-ThreadsMonitor] -        at Method)
    2016-11-02 23:01:05,737 INFO  [t-Thread-41] [c-ThreadsMonitor] -        at
    2016-11-02 23:01:05,737 INFO  [t-Thread-41] [c-ThreadsMonitor] -        at com.exlibris.primo.common.web.BaseForm.getServerName(
    2016-11-02 23:01:05,737 INFO  [t-Thread-41] [c-ThreadsMonitor] -        at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor489.invoke(Unknown Source)
    • The FE /etc/hosts file does not contain an entry for the server hostname:
    primo@feserver(p4_1):~/p4_1/primom$grep `hostname` /etc/hosts


    1. Login to the FE server as the root user
    2. Add an entry for the server name to the /etc/hosts file

    See the Requirements for Primo 4 Installation found in Primo Installation for more information.



    • Article last edited: 03-Nov-2016