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Primo Webservices/X-Service API: Registering the IP in "WS and XS IP" mapping table

  • Product: Primo
  • Product Version: 4.9.7+
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, Total Care



To use Primo SOAP Webservices or X-Service API you must register your IP in this table.

To use Primo REST API, all Primo environments hosted by Ex Libris must be registered with the API Gateway. All local Primo customers should continue with configuring the WS and XS IP mapping table.



Local Installation:


Please edit Mapping Table "WS and SX IP" on installation level and deploy changes for all by selecting "All client IP ranges (WS and XS IP mapping table)” on the deploy screen.



All other Installations:


Please open a Support ticket via Salesforce and provide the IP you'd like to have registered.



Identifying your IP address

Below are two possible options:

  1. From the computer that is going to run this application, open a browser and search in Google for “What Is My IP”.
  2. If you have access to the Primo FE machine – Execute the URL in the step below. You will receive a negative response saying you are not authorized.

Now enter the log directory (fe_log) and view the library_server.log, look for a line such as:

[c-WsXsIpFilter] [O -(2000001,2160632,null)] -
Unauthorized access level:(2000001,2160632,null) for ip:


The IP at the end of the line, is the IP you need to register.

Checking your IP registration is working

You can use the following URL in your browser to check if the XService is working:

http://<your primo domain>/PrimoWebServices/xservice/search/brief?institution=<primo institution>&indx=1&bulkSize=10&query=any,contains,science

(fill in the two place holders (primo domain and institution))


If you get a result displaying on the page, it is working.


If you get a result with status 403 (access denied), something is wrong with the IP registration.


  • Article last edited: 26-JAN-2017
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