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    RTA is not updating correctly

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 2

    Very often RTA does not work because the fields in the source record and the fields in the PNX field availlibrary do not match. This is how RTA works

    RTA sends an X-service command to check the record at its source ILS. It typically takes the AVA field for Aleph or 949 field for Voyager with subfields a, b, c – runs them through the NR and checks it against the existing PNX field of availibrary. These subfields a, b, c correspond to $$I (institution), $$L (library) and $$1 (usually sublibrary/collection) respectively. If there is a mismatch in any one of these fields – the availability through RTA does NOT get updated, since it is presumed that it is not the same record.

    To check if this is the problem that is causing RTA not to work:

    1. See the source record using the X-service command:

    For Aleph records: (the brackets [ --] signify that data from the PNX should be entered)

    For Voyager records:

    You will see the source record in XML format.

    2. Check the NR set that was used to create the PNX's for this data source. Check how the subfields a, b, c were mapped to $$I $$L and $$1. Note: Primo does allow for other fields to be used instead of a, b, c - this is the default.

    3. Check the PNX availlibrary field and make sure that the availlibrary field got the same values as in the previous step. Perhaps there is a $$1 missing, or perhaps the NR's were changed and the PNX was not updated.

    If there is any discrepancy - this is the reason for RTA failure. Fix the discrepancy, and RTA will most likely work!

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013