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    Results in Browse vary for hyphenated search terms

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4.7

    Problem Symptoms:
    Browsing for hyphenated terms produces different results if there are spaces between the words and the hyphens -- as opposed to when there aren't any spaces.

    For example:
    Browsing for title "Great Britain - History" will produce the wanted result - "Great Britain -- History".
    However, browsing by title "Great Britain-History" (no spaces) will not land on the expected entry.

    This is what Primo searches for when browsing for "Great Britain - History": Great+Britain+-+history
    And this is what Primo searches when browsing for "Great Britain-History": Great+Britain-history

    In the first case the hyphen is treated as separate entity, while in the second search it's treated like a part of the word.

    No resolution - issue is under Development.

    Category: Front End - Primo

    Subject: Browse

    • Article last edited: 8/22/2014