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    Some e-mail Addresses Fail on Send from Details Tab or e-Shelf

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: 4

    Problem Symptoms:

    "Send Email" option in the Details tab and in the e-shelf both fail for certain e-mail addresses.



    The sender's (Primo server) IP address does not have a hostname and is therefore rejected. This happens when the DNS does not resolve the IP address of the Primo server to its hostname (reverse DNS lookup). 

    This issue is also occasionally caused by the recipient's mail server rejecting the default From: email address



    The following should be checked:


    1. Confirm that the IP addresses of Ex Libris’ mail-relay servers (see below) are in a "White List". The IP should be permitted SMTP servers in any anti-spam filters managed by customers or any email service to which they are subscribed.

    North America


    2. Enable reverse DNS lookup for Primo servers.


    3. If the above did not solve the problem, change the default "From" email address for Alerts and emailed records. This can be done by customizing the 'Send Email and Sms' Code Table.  See How to change the From: address for saved search email alerts.

    Additional Information

    - For hosted customers, the reverse DNS is done by Infrastructure Team. Please open a Case.

    - More information on email mechanism in Primo (and Alma), please see Technical Requirements for Alma and Discovery Implementation guide.


    • Article last edited: 5 June 2016