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    Supported Operating Systems and Browsers for Primo Classic UI

    • Product: Primo
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant-Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Total Care, Local


    What operating systems and browsers are supported for the Primo Front End user interface and the Back Office?



    Operating Systems: Since Primo is a web-based solution it will work with any Operating System that supports one of the designated browsers. 


    • *Primo Back Office: Mozilla® Firefox® 27.0.1+ or Microsoft© Internet Explorer© 8+ including Edge, both for Windows.   
    • *Front End: The following browsers are supported:
    Microsoft© Internet Explorer©

    Supported Versions: 11 and above (including 'Edge'). Ex Libris will make every effort to test and support new browser versions for Microsoft© Internet Explorer© when its industry usage is over 20 % of all versions of the browser. 

    Mozilla© Firefox©

     Ex Libris makes every effort to test and support the most recent and stable version of Firefox on an on-going basis. In addition, Mozilla offers an Extended Support Release (ESR) based on the official release of Firefox for desktops for use by organizations, including schools, universities, businesses and others who need extended support for mass deployments. Ex Libris will make every effort to test and support the latest ESR version, after the overlap period between the older and newer ESR version is over. 

    Google Chrome™

    Test and support the most recent stable version. 


     Test and support the most recent stable version.

    Additional Information

    Since Primo is built in accordance with industry standards, it is likely Primo will function well in browsers that are absent from this list.
    Quality assurance and bug fixes are performed only on the listed browsers.
    *Additional Documentation can be found in "Requirements for Primo 4 Installation".

    * Supported Operation Systems and Browsers for Primo New UI can be found here.


    • Article last edited: 25-Jun-2016