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    Test URL for WorldCat API Search (WorldCat Search Web Service)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    To test WorldCat API Search (aka WorldCat Search Web Service) in a standard web
    browser.The following are examples where testing the "institution assigned" <WCKey> can be helpful.

    1. Test <WCKey> to confirm it is active (not expired).

    2. Test <WCKey> in browser to insure that results are returned, before configuring the WorldCat API in the Primo thirdnode-config.xml.
    NOTE: WC API Setup requires ssh access to configure thirdnode-config.xml file
    (see KCS #23277 for more information about WorldCat API setup in Primo thirdnode-config.xml )

    1. Request WorldCat <WCKey> value from OCLC, this is the only parameter required from vendor for standard WC API search.

    2. Every Primo institution implementing the WorldCat API Search must have an unique "WCKey" provided by OCLC.

    3. Build URL with the following parameters:
    [WC Base URL]&[startRecord]&[Query term]&[WCKey]&[desired # of records to return in search]

    See Additional Information for variable definitions.

    Additional Information

    [WC Base URL] =
    NOTE: WC Base URL is a constant, whereas <WCKey> is variable.

    Example of Worldcat API Search URL:

    Category: Primo

    Subject: Deep Search - Primo

    • Article last edited: 8/22/2014