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    Turn Off Dedup and FRBR in Primo

    • Product: Primo
    • Product Version: All


    Break existing dedup and FRBR groups; prevent dedup and FRBR in the future.




    1. Edit dedup section on the Normalization Rules:
        a. Set dedup:t subfield to 99.
        b. Change dedup:c1 rule source from LCCN to recordid

    2. Edit FRBR section on the Normalization Rules:
        a. Set frbr:t subfield to 99.
        b. Change frbr:K1 rule source from author's source fields to control/recordid;
            Add the following transformations: Add $$K to the beginning of the string, and $$AA to the end of it.

    3. Save and Deploy Normalization Rule changes

    4. Run the NO_HARVEST pipe with force FRBR and force dedup selected in the pipe configuration

    5. Index and Hotswap

    6. De-select force FRBR and force dedup in the pipe configuration


    Additional Information

    For customers with a Network Zone in Alma and a Centralized Publishing pipe in Primo additional steps are required:

    1. In the main Regular pipe's configuration uncheck the "Include DEDUP" and/or "Include FRBR" checkboxes.

    2. In the Dedup_Frbr pipe's configuration:

    a. If turning off FRBR only, change the "System Last Stage" value to DEDUP.

    b. If turning off Dedup only, change the "System Last Stage" value to FRBR WITHOUT DEDUP.

    c. If turning off both - remove the pipe from the schedule as it's no longer needed.


    Open a case with Support to discuss options prior to turning off dedup and/or FRBR; there might be other ways to solve the issue you're experiencing!

    • Article last edited: 08-Aug-2018