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    What is the difference between the Publication Date and the Date Range pre-filters in the Primo Advanced Search?

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    What is the difference between the Publication Date and the Date Range pre-filters (Start Date, End Date) in the Primo Advanced Search?


    Publication Date

    Publication Date appears as a drop-down menu, which contains predefined values such as last year, last 5 years, last 20 years and so forth.
    These values can be assigned in the Primo Back Office > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Views Wizard > Tiles Configuration > Advanced Search tile, under Publication Date.

    The Publication Date pre-filter uses the facets/creationdate subfield in the record's PNX, which only contains the creation date and not a date range. This means that if you have a record which started publishing in 1966, and is still being published today, it won't be returned in the search results if the publication date is set to last year.

    In the record's PNX you will see:


    Date Range

    Date Range is comprised of two fields, Start Date and End Date; the day and month are drop-downs, while the year field is open text.

    The Date Range can be added or removed in the Advanced Search tile as well.

    The Date Range pre-filter uses the search/startdate and search/enddate subfields in the record's PNX, and as such it supports searching for any record that is being published within a date range. A record that started publishing in 1966 and is still being published will appear among your search results if you were to enter a start date of 01/01/2015, for example.

    In the record's PNX you will see:


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    • Article last edited: 17-Feb-2017