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    Feature Alignment Schedule for Primo VE

    We plan to release the following Primo VE enhancements to gain alignment with existing Primo features. The features listed are the result of discussions and ongoing feedback from customers.

    We encourage you to review the Primo VE release notes for fixes and additional features released.

    Categories Area Title Projected Quarter

    Search and indexing

    Holdings information

    Ability to add additional holding records information for search

    2021 Q4

    Authority fields

    Allow institution to exclude 5XX authority fields from the index

    2020 Q4 – Completed

    Normalization Capabilities



    Ability to display multi-lingual preferred from authority

    2021 Q3

    Parent-child enrichment

     Add parent details into the child records (for converted MAB records)

    2021 Q4


    Normalization Rules support in display and local fields for CNMARC records

    2021 Q2

    Dedup and FRBR

    Configuration Options

    Configuration for metadata used in Dedup and FRBR Keys

    2021 Q3



    Ability to create resource recommender in view level

    Dec. 2020 (Primo VE) – Completed

    2021 Q1 (Primo)

    Support Database search to be based on the campus affiliated by the view

    2021 Q2



    Analytics for counting discovery data index

    2021 Q4

    Rosetta integration

    Support Rosetta Collection Discovery

    2021 Q4

    CDI scopes

    Ability to limit search to CDI selective collections (eBooks)

    2021 Q3


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