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    Configuring the Display of Availability Labels for Holdings

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    Primo VE allows you to configure the display text, translations, and the order of the availability labels for holdings in Get It. Out of the box, the labels display in the following order: copy, available, and request.


    Holdings Availability Labels - Default Configuration
    To modify the order of the labels and customize text:
    1. Edit the GetIt Tile Labels code table (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Display Configuration > Labels).

    2. In the row containing the code, rearrange the order of the placeholders, modify the delimiter character between placeholders, or remove any placeholders that you do not want to display in Get It. Default setting:

      {{copies_labels}}, {{available_labels}}, {{requests_labels}}

    3. If you want to customize or translate the text that displays for each label, modify the codes listed in the following table. The placeholder before each label in the Description field displays the quantity for each label.

      GetIt Tile Labels Code Table
      Code Description or Translate (select Language first)

      {0} available

      {0} copy

      {0} copies (New)

      A separate code for no requests allows you to configure this label differently from one with many requests:

      {0} requests

      Used when number of requests is 1:

      {0} request

      Used when number of requests is more than 1:

      {0} requests


      {1} available (awaiting reshelving until {0})


      {0} available (some items awaiting reshelving)

    4. Save your changes to the code table. 

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