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    Filtering Mapping Table Rows

    Filtering allows users to narrow the number of mapping table rows to view. You can use the following methods to narrow your search:

    Column-Specific Filtering

    To filter a mapping table, type a search string in one or more of the column headings and then press enter (see Column-Specific Filtering). This method executes a search and displays the resulting mapping rows.
    Column-Specific Filtering

    Search in Table Filtering

    This filter is applied across all columns in the table as you type characters in the Search in Table field. Unlike the column-specific filter, no actual query is executed. The filter simply hides the rows that were not filtered by any column-specific searches.
    • While using the this type of filtering, you will be blocked from performing any further column-specific searches until you clear the Search in Table field.
    • This filtering does not include the Language column or any columns that do not allow column-specific filtering.
    Search in Table Filtering
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