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    Go VE: Overview


    Since Primo VE's initial launch, the demand for it steadily increased as more existing Alma-Primo customers recognized the efficiency and benefits that a unified solution delivers.

    Over the past two years, the Ex Libris URD Delivery team has managed and led all Primo VE customer upgrades. This included all aspects of project management, including establishing schedules, setup for the institutions based on their Primo production settings, and more. Their undertaking successfully moved 100+ Alma-Primo institutions, which represented all library types, sizes, single institutions and consortium, topologies, regions, and serving many different languages.

    The new Go VE initiative delivers scalability to meet the increasing demand and accelerate the speed of adoption, while using automation and online tools to address customer needs. Institutions will be able to upgrade in their own time frame, regardless of Ex Libris' capacity and availability, while still leveraging Ex Libris' expertise:

    • Supplies scale and speed

    • Delivers library autonomy and flexibility

    • Supplies automated processes and online tools institution is an expert with Primo VE functionality and have the knowledge and tips how to make the most of Primo VE capabilities. 

    • Comes with extensive Ex Libris support

    Through the Go VE initiative, you become empowered and become the expert, by fully understanding Primo VE functionality, managing the upgrade process, and making the most out of its capabilities.

    What is Go VE?

    Go VE is a self-switch process to move from Primo to Primo VE, driven and managed by the institution. This process runs on Alma production environment which has the advantage of working on the Alma real and full data and configuration without impacting the Alma or Primo production.

    It contains the following four steps:

    1. Enablement – An Automated process that provides the necessary components for an institution to start working with Primo VE. This process creates views and copy their customizations from Primo, copy the Primo translations to Primo VE and enable local and CDI searches.

      Once enablement is completed you will have a Primo VE view with your customizations, the ability to search in Primo VE local and CDI data, and you will have access to the discovery configuration menu to modify setups and add features.

    2. Authentication – sets the library authentication systems for Primo VE users.

    3. Configuration – enhances and adjusts Primo VE by using the extensive tools and features that Primo VE offers. This step is the main part of the project to configure Primo VE functionality: local fields, external data sources, adding scopes, and so forth.

    4. Go Live – switches Primo VE to production when you are ready. After switching to Primo VE, menus and code tables relevant to discovery are removed from Fulfillment configuration in Alma. The relevant code tables are then configurable on the All Code Tables page (Configuration > Discovery > Display Configuration > Labels).

    What is needed for this Project?

    To prepare for a Go VE project you should:

    • Determine your project team – identify people who know your library’s discovery needs and can complete the necessary steps. This may include a mix of Primo and Alma staff, since Primo VE leverages the Alma platform.

    • Determine project timelines – establish a schedule, including the project start date and go live date. Setting your library’s timeline is up to you, based on availability and needs. The average time to run the project is about 4-7 weeks.

    • Inform your IT department – you may require IT assistance for the authentication configuration step.

    • Review your Primo topology – see more details in Go VE: Availability and Primo VE Topologies. please contact us if you have a special relationship or setup with other institutions, that is not referenced on the Alma-Primo topology page.

    Help and Support

    There are four Go VE support channels to help you setup and transform your current Primo configuration to Primo VE:

    • Documentation – use our comprehensive online Go VE documentation, available in a step-by-step format, to help transfer your Primo setup to Primo VE.

    • Go VE info email – submit any Go VE question through email at

    • Support cases – report specific Go VE cases that require investigation, which includes issues in the customer environment or anything that does not work as expected, using the new Go VE environment type in the Support Portal. When opening a case, also mention that you are using the Go VE process in its Subject or Description.

    • Go VE - Become and Expert Series – attend a series of webinars to learn from Ex Libris experts on how to use Primo VE capabilities and ask any Go VE question. For dates of upcoming webinars, see Ex Libris Education and Knowledge Webinars. If you cannot attend a live session, you can view its recording.

    About Primo VE

    Primo VE leverages the Alma platform to optimize the management of Primo and to enhance the discovery experience. This seamless integration of Primo with Alma provides an inherent discovery layer over held or subscribed resources and a simple, single point of administration.

    The unified experience enables libraries to:

    • Simplify administrative management

    • Reduce duplicate administrative processes

    • Update records in real-time - Eliminate publishing

    • Streamline easy configuration and setup

    • Enhance the user experience

    This unique solution reduces the time librarians spend on setup, configuration, data updates, and more. As a result, libraries can boost productivity and shift focus to strategic services, including those benefiting their users.

    For more information, see Introduction to Primo VE.

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