With the May 2018 release, Resource Recommender supports the following enrichments:

Resource Recommender Enrichments
Type of Enrichment Search Query Searchable Tag



food and drug administration




Stop words are ignored in the search query and searchable tag: a, an, and, are, as, at, be, but, by, if, in, into, is, it, for, of, on, or, no, not, such, that, the, their, then, there, these, they, this, to, was, will, with.

the history of the united states

history united states

Words ordered differently from searchable tag

harry potter

potter harry

Partial match - the number of matching words in the search query must contain 75 percent of the words defined in the searchable tag, excluding stop words in both the search query and the searchable tag.

a people history of the united states

united states history

Because these enrichments require indexing, enrichments for new searchable tags will not be visible until after the next indexing and hotswapping process runs.