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    List of Codes Supporting HTML

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    The labels that display on the Brief Results, Full Display, Services, Journal Search, and My Library Card pages are configured with codes that are stored in code tables (which are named after a specific UI page, functionality, or service). To customize/translate a label, you must find its associated code and code table, and then modify the value of the Description field in the code table.

    For some codes, you can embed HTML formatting (including the <href> tag for linking) in the Description to format the label differently from other elements in the UI. The following table lists the codes that support additional HTML formatting for the label (such as for a collection's description). In cases where a code table is not provided, HTML formatting may be permitted in a configuration field (such as for Public Notes included with Alma's General Electronic Services).

    This table is not a comprehensive list, and it only contains recently added or updated codes/fields as part of a new feature or enhancement.

    Code Table/Field Description

    Error Messages Labels code table (Primo Home > General > Code Tables)


    Citation Labels code table (Primo Home > General > Code Tables)

    • default.citation.labels.disclaimer

    Collection Discovery Labels code table (Primo Home > General > Code Tables)

    • default.nui.colldiscovery.lobby.description

    Description field in the General tab on the Collection Resources Editor page (Resources > Manage Inventory > Manage Collections)

    Defines the description for the collection. To translate the description, select the Globe icon next to the field.

    Public Note field in the Services tab on the Service Details page (Configuration > Fulfillment > Discovery Interface Display Logic > General Electronic Services)

    Defines a public note for the General Electronic Service. To translate the public note, select the Globe icon next to the field.

    Discovery Interface Labels code table (Configuration > Fulfillment > Discovery Interface Display Logic > Labels)

    • c.uresolver.availableOnline.service_is_temporary_unavailable

    • c.uresolver.request.ill.resource_information

    • c.uresolver.request.ill.citationType.article


    • c.uresolver.request.ill.format.physical

    • c.uresolver.request.ill.format.physicalNonReturnable



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