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    Configuring the Feedback Tool for the New Primo UI


    Primo allows end users to report an issue or provide feedback to the library from any page in the UI. Once enabled, end users can open the Feedback Tool by selecting the feedback icon PVE_Feedback_icon1.png, which displays at the bottom right corner of the UI.


    Feedback Tool - Select Issue Type (Four Issue Types Displayed)

    After selecting an issue type, users are asked to fill in the following information, which is sent in a email to the feedback manager:

    • Subject – Update the issue type if different from what was entered in the previous step.

    • Problem description – (Optional) Enter the description of the issue or feedback. 

    • Email – (Optional) Specify your email address to allow the feedback team to get back to you in case more information is needed to resolve the issue or to just let you know that the issue has been received or resolved.

    The feedback email includes the following information if provided: sender's email, problem description, UI page's URL, browser, and device. For example:

    Subject: New feedback received from a Primo user - Report a Broken Link




    You got a new feedback from . 


    Problem Description: Link is broken in the first record of the search results. 

    Relevant URL:,contains,covid%20therapeutics&tab=default_tab&search_scope=default_scope&vid=MY_VIEW&offset=0


    Browser: Google Chrome 
    Device: Desktop 


    Thank you 


    * Please note we make the best effort to ensure that this message is error and virus free. 
    If you don't trust the sender of this message do not click on any of the above links, respond to the email, or provide any sensitive information.

    Sample Feedback Letter from User

    The browser and device information is not included if the user does not provide a return email address in the feedback form.

    Configuring the Feedback Tool

    The Report a Problem mapping table allows you to configure and activate the Feedback Tool at the view level.


    Feedback Tool Configuration - Enabled in All Views
    To configure and activate the Feedback Tool for a view:
    1. Edit the Report a Problem mapping table (Primo Home > General > Mapping Tables).

    2. In the Create a New Mapping Row section, specify the following fields to create a mapping row for each parameter name: 

      • View – Select the view ID of the view for which you are configuring the Feedback Tool.

      • Parameter Name – Per view create a separate mapping row for each of the following parameters: Email address, Number of categories, and Activate widget.

      • Value – Specify a value for the selected parameter:

        • For the Email address parameter, specify the email address of the feedback manager. To specify multiple email addresses, separate the addresses with a semicolon.

        • For the Number of categories parameter, specify the number of issue types to display in the Feedback Tool. The valid values are 1 through 4.

        • For the Activate widget parameter, specify true to activate the Feedback Tool for this view.

      • Description – Specify an optional description for the mapping row.

    3. Select Save to save the table.

    4. Deploy the changes to the view.

    Configuring the Display of the Feedback Tool

    The following code tables allow you to customize and translate the various labels and messages that appear in the Feedback Tool (see Code Table Reference):

    • Report a Problem Labels (Primo Home > General > Code Tables) – The following codes allow you to customize and translate the various labels and error messages that appear in the Feedback Tool:

      Code Description    

      Give Us Feedback

      Give Us Feedback    

      If you encounter any issue, please let us know by choosing one of the following options:    

      Report a Broken Link    

      Report a Search Issue    



      Enter your email (optional) 


      Problem description (optional)    


      Thank you for your feedback!    


      Send another feedback


      Choose Subject


      Send Us Your Feedback    

      By entering your email, you agree to share with the library additional information to help diagnosing the issue.

      The server has experienced an internal error or it might be temporarily unavailable. <br> Please try again later.

      Please note the feedback was not sent. <br> In order to send another feedback please sign in.

    • aria Labels (Primo Home > General > Code Tables) – The following codes allow you to customize and translate the various labels used for accessibility:

      Code Description






      Send another feedback


      Give us feedback


      Report a broken link


      Report a search issue


      Report other issue


      Report other issue


      Send your feedback

    Configuring the Feedback Letter

    When a user sends a feedback using the Feedback Tool, an email is sent from the E-Mail Sender parameter (which is defined in the Email and SMS Configuration subsystem of the General Configuration Wizard) to your designated feedback manager. Typically, the email sender is not intended to receive any return emails.

    All feedback emails use the following structure and are built from information pulled from the feedback form, UI header, and text labels defined in the Report a Problem Labels code table (Primo Home > General > Code Tables).

    Sender: <E-Mail Sender parameter from General Configuration Wizard>
    Subject: <> - <category name taken from feedback form>


    Email body:



    <>: <problem_description taken from the feedback form if provided>

    <>: <user's email address if provided in feedback form>


    <>: <user's browser type - displayed only if user specified a return email address>

    <>: <user's device - displayed only if user specified a return email address>



    Feedback Email Structure

    The structure of the email cannot be customized, but you can customize its text by modifying the description for the associated codes defined in the Report a Problem Labels code table.

    The following table displays the default text defined for each code used in feedback emails.

    Only the en_US descriptions are supported for email labels, and no translations are provided if configured in the table.

    Code Description

    Hello, <br> You got a new feedback from <user_email>.

    Hello, <br> You got a new feedback from an unknown user.

    No description was provided.

    Thank you

    New feedback received from a Primo user

    Problem Description

    Relevant URL



    Please note we make the best effort to ensure that this message is error and virus free. If you don’t trust the sender of this message do not click on any of the above links, respond to the email, or provide any sensitive information.

    Analytics for the Feedback Tool

    To support this functionality, the following actions have been added to the Action Usage subject area:

    Group Subgroup Action Description


    Report a Problem

    Click on Give Us Feedback

    The user opened the Feedback Tool.

    Choose category 1

    The user selected category 1 (code =

    Choose category 2

    The user selected category 2 (code =

    Choose category 3

    The user selected category 3 (code =

    Choose category 4

    The user selected category 4 (code =

    Send feedback

    The user sent a feedback.

    Send another feedback

    The user selected the Send another feedback option.

    Close the Give Us Feedback window

    The user closed the Feedback Tool by either selecting Close or the X icon.

    Send message was failed due to server error

    The user sent a feedback and received an error message.

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