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    The Delivery Section

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE configuration, see Primo VE.
    The Delivery section in the PNX includes information that Primo requires to configure and manage the delivery of institutional resources.
    Primo provides discovery and delivery services by linking the user to other applications, for example the ILS for placing requests, the digital repository for viewing digital objects. Access to such resources is controlled by the local application, not by Primo. However, Primo includes information concerning the availability of the item and attempts to provide a link to the best possible delivery option (the GetIt! function).
    The following table describes the fields in the Delivery and Scoping section.
    Delivery and Scoping Section Fields
    Field Description
    The delivery resource categories for which delivery may function differently. The following are supported categories:
    • Physical Item – all physical items except for microforms.
    • Microform
    • SFX Resource
    • Online Resource
    • MetaLib Resource—records from the MetaLib Knowledgebase
    • Remote Search Resource—records retrieved via MetaLib.
    This field is required. A record that does not have a delivery category will fail and display the following error message in the back office:
    Invalid content was found starting with element 'ranking'. One of '{"":delivery}}' is expected.
    If you define another category in this field, delivery related functionality will not be available for this record. This means that there will be no availability status or GetIt tabs.
    Indicates that there is online full-text for the resource, which is used for remote search resources.
    The institution to which the resource belongs.
    Restricted delivery scope that is used to define access restrictions for online resources. The restrictions (based on institution, on/off campus, user group) are defined in a table in the Back Office. Lack of a restricted delivery scope field in the PNX indicates that there are no restrictions.
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