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    Customizing Icons for Classic UI

    This page is specific to the classic UI. For customization information that is specific to the new Primo UI or Primo VE, see Using Primo Studio or Primo Studio for Primo VE.

    You can customize each of the icons appearing on the pages of the Front End UI. Customizing the icon lets you replace the existing icon with a new icon of your choice.
    In general, it is best to customize your CSS file (not the Primo_default.3.0.css file) so that it points to the new and modified images. If you decide to modify a system image file, it is recommended that you keep a backup to prevent these modifications from being lost during a SP or hot fix update. After the update, you may need to reapply your changes.
    To customize icons:
    1. Create a directory on your local server to hold your customized image files.
      For on-premises installations, enter the following commands to create a directory to hold your customized image files:
      cd images
      mkdir <img_directory>
    2. Store your customized image files in the new directory.
    3. Edit your CSS file to include the changes to the icons and icon sizes.
    To customize the icons for a specific locale (on-premises installations only):
    1. Enter the following commands to access the images directory on the Back Office server, where <locale><locale/> (such as en_US) indicates the language and region:
      cd locale/<local>/images
    2. Back up the icon that you want to customize and save the new icon under the same name. (For example, if you are replacing an item called book.gif, rename it backup_book.gif, and then name the new icon book.gif.)
    3. On the Primo home page, click Deploy All.
    4. Select Views from the Deploy List and then click Deploy to deploy the changes to Primo's Front End.
    You may have to refresh your screen and clear the cache in your browser to see the changes.