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    Language Detection

    If you are working with Primo VE and not Primo, see Linguistic Features for Primo VE.

    In order to offer language-based services, Primo uses the following methods to detect the language from the search query:
    1. Letters - using Unicode ranges

    2. Dictionaries - with locale and default language

    3. If unable to detect language based on letters or dictionary and the UI language is unicodeLang, set to English.

    4. Default language

    5. UI language

    The record's language is set by the record's data only.

    Currently, Primo is capable of detecting the following languages:
    • Latin-based: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.
    • Asian: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. If the character is Chinese and the locale of Primo is Japanese or Korean, Primo uses the locale of the selected language.
    • Other languages that have a specific character range: Hebrew, Arabic, and so forth.
    Language detection is based on comparing the words of the record and the query with a dictionary. If fifty percent or more of the words match, the language is identified.
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