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    Alma Dublin Core

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE mapping, see Mapping to the Display, Facets, and Search Sections in the Primo VE Record.

    In most aspects, the Alma Dublin Core mapping is the same as the Generic Dublin Core mapping. Only the exceptions are listed in the sections below. The template is named Alma Dublin Core - Template in the Back Office and used for Alma-D (digital).

    Control Section

    Control Section
    Normalized Record Field Source/Content Note
    Alma ID
    The Alma ID is the Alma institution code concatenated with a colon and the original Alma record ID.
    Required for Alma-Primo interoperability.

    Display Section

    Display Section
    Display Element Source Note
    Based on the TYP field using the Alma_Type mapping table.


    Links Section
    Type of Link Source Note
    OpenURL fields have been removed from the Alma Dubin core template. Requests to Alma are sent using the OpenURL syntax, but special templates defined for Alma are used. The template is defined in the Delivery mapping tables, not the PNX.
    Alma_thumbnail link is added for Alma-D


    Facets Section
    Facet Source Note
    The online_resource top level facet is always added.

    Delivery and Scoping

    Delivery and Scoping Section
    Delivery Field Source Additional normalization notes
    INST a
    Using institution look-up table Alma Institution Codes
    Delivery Category
    INT a
    The delivery category is always Alma-D if INT a is D.
    Restricted delivery scope
    ARS (for Alma-D only)
    If an ARS field is included with the value "May be restricted" then a default restricted delivery scope is added - "alma_maybe_restricted". Note that this rule is not enabled. In addition to enabling the rule it is also necessary to actually create the scope and the restriction in the Ongoing Configuration Wizard.
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