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    Aleph danMARC2

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE configuration, see Primo VE.
    In most aspects, the Aleph danMARC2 mapping is the same as the Generic danMARC2 mapping. Only the exceptions are listed in this section.

    Control Section

    Control Section
    Normalized Record Field Source/Content Note
    Created from the PNX control/sourceid merged with control/sourcerecorid
    Required for OPAC via Primo.

    Display Section

    Display Section
    Display Element Source Note
    Library level availability
    The Availability subfields are created as follows:
    $$I Institution – based on institution look-up table based on AVA$$a
    $$L Library – based on library look-up table based on AVA$$b
    $$1 Sublocation – from AVA$$c
    $$2 Call number – from AVA$$d
    $$S Availability status – based on AVA$$e
    $$3 No. of items – from AVA$$f
    $$4 No. of unavailable items – from AVA$$g
    $$5 multi-volume flag – from AVA$$h
    $$6 number of loans – from AVA$$i
    $$9 – For more information, refer to section Adding $$9ONLINE to Library Level Availability.
    $$P location priority – from AVA $$p
    $$X source institution code (Aleph ADM) – from AVA $$a
    $$Y source library code (Aleph sublibrary) – from AVA $$b
    $$Z source sub-location code (Aleph collection) – from AVA $$j


    Links Section
    Type of Link Source Note
    For example, for a backlink to an Aleph source (OPAC):
    Func=direct&l_base=<original_source_id> &doc_number=<source-record-id/></original_source_id>
    Link to Holdings


    Search Section
    Index Source tag Notes
    In addition to the generic mapping also AUT (cross-references)
    In addition to the generic mapping also SUB (cross-references)


    Facet Section
    Facet Source Note
    AVA $$b
    Use mapping table "ILS library codes."
    Generic mapping and:
    Available facet:
    AVA $$e IF "available" or "check_holdings

    Delivery and Scoping

    Delivery and Scoping Section

    Delivery Field Source Additional Normalization Notes
    AVA $$a or AVA $$b
    Use mapping table ILS Institution.


    The system can create multiple occurrences in separate fields.
    Browse Section
    Browse field Source Additional normalization notes
    Call number
    AVA $$d (for call number)
    AVA $$a (for institution)
    $$D (display form), $$E (normalized form), and $$I (institution) are created.
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