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    Primo with AngularJS

    Released: February 14, 2021

    The AngularJS framework has allowed us to support customer and community developments on the Primo UI, which we see as a great value. The AngularJS community's latest announcement means that AngularJS will no longer be further developed and all AngularJS applications that are working now will continue to work in the future. Though, Ex Libris will be responsible for mitigating any security issues that may arise.

    We are reviewing the options to upgrade and what the impact may be. Before upgrading we want to ensure that this capability is maintained and with minimum interruption. The upgrade will not be done just for the sake of upgrading, without value to the community, as the potential impact with no gain may be significant. As part of the work and research that is underway, we are specifically examining deployment methods for gradual rollout of Angular, such as to have new functionality in new Angular while the existing functionality remains AngularJS and can be gradually upgraded.

    This topic is being discussed together with the Primo PWG (both IGELU and ELUNA) and Primo technical community representatives to ensure any future rollout takes the library and the patron perspectives into account for a future upgrade.


    1. What is exactly happening, and what potential impact may it have on my service?

      Your site will continue to work as today, and as stated above, all AngularJS applications that are working now will continue to work in the future.

    2. Does the AngularJS end of support announcement mean my current customizations stop working?

      Your current customizations will continue to work as they do today.

    3. Should we change the way we develop customizations?

      Customers can continue to develop their customizations using the existing methodology and guidelines.

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