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Why is my Alma record not found in the Rapid ILL database ?

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Why is my Alma record not found in the Rapid ILL database ?


You can check this by yourself. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Search Alma for the record.  This can be done using keywords, title, standard numbers, and other fields.
  2. When you find the desired record make a note of the MMS ID.
  3. Combine your Repository URL + the syntax to view a specific record + the MMS ID for the record you wish to view.
    1. Your Repository URL is {Alma base URL}/view/oai/{Alma institution code}/request
      For example:
    2. Syntax to add: ?verb=GetRecord&metadataPrefix=marc21&identifier=oai:{Alma Institution code}:{MMS ID}
      For example:
    3. Result -
  4. This URL will link you to that specific record in your OAI sets so you can see the data you are sending to Rapid for that item.
  5. Verify that the record has all of the necessary fields in order to be added to Rapid:
    1. All items need a standard number (ISSN 022, ISBN 020, or OCLC number 035) and Title (245)
    2. Typical field configuration for Print materials is below (yours may vary):
      1. Location: 954 $q$r (Current Library Subfield and Current Location Subfield)
      2. Call Number: 954 $t (Call Number Subfield)
      3. Years/Vols: 954 $m (Description Subfield)
    3. Typical field configuration for Electronic materials is below (yours may vary):
      1. Location: 949 $a (Collection Name Subfield)
      2. URL: 949 $u (Access URL Subfield)
      3. Years/Vols/Embargo: 949 $e (Coverage Statement Subfield)
        The record is not uploaded  to Rapid ILL if it does not have all of the necessary fields.

If you find a record that is missing in Rapid, but you do find a complete record for that item in your OAI sets, please email us at and include the link to the record or the MMS ID and investigate why it’s not showing up.




  • Article last edited: 28-Sept-2020
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