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    Roadmap Theme User Centric: User Experience

    Rapido User_Experience Icon.pngThe vision for Rapido is it being a user centric resource sharing  solution. It is a transformational user service focused on ease and speed for staff and end users. 

    Library users are at the core of library services. Rapido allows for personalized and optimized users experience for library users around the world. Libraries can choose what resource sharing access is available, when it is available, and who it is available to.  Through transparent and intuitive discovery and request experiences, Rapido makes services comprehensive and accessible.

    Centering user experience, aligns Rapido with the heart and purpose of library services. Enabling Rapido to support goals and priorities of each library to connect users and facilitate access for their information needs. 


    When a request is available from another pod member, or the locally managed pod rota has terms, Rapido displays the offer terms to the user.

    The terms for the amount of time a physical request is available for borrowing include the shipping delivery time, the loan period, and the return delivery time.



    When a request may be available from a lender outside of your pods and/or the locally managed rota does not have defined terms, the patron receives an offer to get a copy, but the terms are not available.



    While searching for offers, offer details display as they become available while indicating that the system is still searching for other offer information. For example, if the physical information is already available, the physical tile details are displayed, while indicating that the digital information is still being searched for.

    When the display logic rules restrict placing requests where no offers are available, the tile indicates that No offer available at this time.

    Still searching for offers indication.

    Still searching for offers indication.


    My library card transparency

    Library users can access their library card to see all aspects related to library fulfillment, including transparency around their resource sharing requests. The request view includes information regarding the progress of their request. For non-returnables, libraries configure the number of views and length of expiry period that are visible in the user's account for. Users can download requested material from their library card or via the customizable notices that they receive from their library. 


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