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    Will alumni be able to access RefWorks after graduation?

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    Will alumni be able to access RefWorks after graduation?


    Yes, institutions that maintain a current subscription to the program will be able to extend continued access to RefWorks to alumni.

    Alumni should update their RefWorks account prior to graduation by selecting the Alumni option from the Profile/Role section of the Settings page. 
    Alumni should also update their email if they will no longer have access to an institutional address. Email address can be updated on the Profile/Email section of the Settings page.
    Shibboleth and Athens users will need to remove the institutional login from their account.  Once the association with Shibboleth has been broken, accessing RefWorks will be via user name and password and not with the "Use login from my institution" dropdown. To remove the institution login select settings / Remove credentials
    You will then be asked to set a password for your account. Enter a new password and click Save Password and Continue.





    • Article last edited: 17-Oct-2018
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