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    Upgrade from Research Professional to Pivot-RP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What is Pivot-RP and how does it differ from Research Professional?

      Pivot-RP is the new user interface for our database containing research funding opportunities for all disciplines and project types. It has significantly more features, functionality and customization options compared to Research Professional.

      Some highlights of ways in which the Pivot-RP UI differs from RP:

      • The user interface is highly customizable to match your institutional branding (including weekly email alerts)

      • Search results can be sorted by relevance

      • Searches can be narrowed down by a faceted navigation sidebar

      • Limited submissions calls are flagged and can receive a global note for demand management

      • Calls can be searched for by career stages

      • It is possible to track individual opportunities and get automated alerts and calendar reminders from the system when our editors update the opportunities

      • It is possible to add your institution’s internal funding opportunities to the database

      • Integrated researcher profiles allow researchers to get recommended funding opportunities (Profiles can be integrated w/ORCID)

      • Expanded awards data and search features for previously awarded grants

      • The ability for users to create Private individual workgroups

      • Ability to schedule recurring newsletters to send relevant funding to targeted groups

      • Expanded administrator reports

      • Modern, accessibility first design that works well across all devices

    Download a high-level overview presentation

    1. Can my institution have a trial of Pivot-RP?

      Yes. If you’re interested in trialing Pivot-RP please contact our Client Services/Support team, your Sales account manager, or the product team ( or and request a trial of Pivot-RP.

      We will set-up a time to provide an in-depth demo of Pivot-RP and provide you with access to a trial site that will run in parallel to your Research Professional service. You can configure and customize Pivot-RP and expose the site to any number of users and administrators at your institution. 

      There is not a specific time limit for the Pivot-RP trial. It can be used for an extended period with no impact to your current Research Professional service. However, as it does take some resources on our end to support a trial, we kindly ask that you only request a trial when you anticipate that you and your colleagues will have some time to engage with it.

      The Pivot-RP trial site is a fully functioning version of the service. When you are ready to upgrade from Research Professional to Pivot-RP, the trial site will then become your official Pivot-RP site. So any customization, configuration or set-up work you decide to do during the trial will automatically carry over to your live site.  

    2. What are the cost implications of moving from Research Professional to Pivot-RP?

      There are no additional costs to upgrade from RP to Pivot-RP.  Your current RP license terms remain in place.

    3. How does my institution upgrade from Research Professional to Pivot-RP?

      First, you should request a trial account to familiarize yourself with Pivot-RP and all its features. The trial site will then become your official Pivot-RP site. We recommend that you do a minimal amount of customization, configuration and set-up work in the trial site before you decide to expose the service to all your users. Our Client Services and Product team are available to guide you through set-up best practices.

      When you are ready to upgrade to have your users move from using your current Research Professional service to Pivot-RP please let our Client Services/Support team or the product management team know the approximate date you intend to make Pivot-RP available live to the users at your institution.

      When you are ready to go live with Pivot-RP, you would simply provide a link to the Pivot-RP URL for your users to login and access the service.

      If desired, your Research Professional service can remain live and running in parallel for your users for an extended period after you decide to go live with Pivot-RP. This will allow you the opportunity to transition user slowly over to Pivot-RP. 

      Some institutions may wish to shut-off access to Research Professional when Pivot-RP goes live. We can accommodate this as well. Research Professional will not be shut-off without a clear communication from you.

    4. What is the Pivot-RP URL?

    5. Is there documentation or training materials for Pivot-RP?

      Documentation can be found here:

      Training materials including short videos highlighting various features of Pivot-RP can be found here:

    6. What sort of work is in involved from my institution to set-up Pivot-RP?

      First, you should request a trial account to familiarize yourself with Pivot-RP and all its features. The trial site will then become your official Pivot-RP site.

      Pivot-RP offers several features and tools that are exclusive for those at your institution who will be designated Pivot-RP administrators. You can set-up as many Pivot-RP admins as you would like, and our team can train you on what features are available for Admins.

      The following work is something your Pivot-RP admins might want to do with your trial site to make the upgrade as successful as possible and increase adoption at your institution:

      Our Support team is available to help guide you through this process, though most institutions will not need our help. Documentation and training videos are also available to assist.

      • We suggest you customize the UI to reflect your own university branding (this can take approximately 20 minutes to do)

      • If administrators would like to create curated lists, groups, newsletters and internal opportunities, they can be configured at any time during the trial or post go-live.

    7. Is the trial site a ‘test’ site or is it something that would then turn into the University’s live Pivot-RP site?

      The Pivot-RP trial site will the same as your main site should you proceed with the upgrade. Whatever configurations and customization you choose to set up in the trial will still be there once you decide to provide access to everyone at your institution.

    8. What does Research Professional need to set-up before our institution can go live with Pivot-RP?  Is there any functionality that is not included in the trial?

      There are two important elements of the Pivot-RP service that are not automatically configured as part of the initial trial site: Researcher Profiles and SSO authentication. 

      As it is resource intensive on our part to configure Profiles and Authentication, we do not start the process of configuring this until you are certain you will want to go live with Pivot-RP. We ask that you give us about 6-8 weeks lead time to configure your profiles and authentication before you wish to replace Research Professional with Pivot-RP as the live system for your end-users.

      Once profiles are complete, you may also wish to review them, request changes, and/or enhance them before exposing the service to your users.

      Note that during the time we are configuring profiles and authentication, our team can also provide additional training for Pivot-RP administrators as well as help with generating marketing or promotional materials to support a successful launch of the service.

      • Researcher Profiles: Once you decide on an approximate go-live date to launch Pivot-RP for your end users, our Editorial team will begin to configure researcher profiles for the academics at your institution. (More information on Researcher Profiles below). We will need approximately 4-6 weeks to create profiles for your academics and establish your institution’s organizational structure. 

      • SSO authentication: In addition, we will need to gather information from you to set-up SSO/Shibboleth authentication if SSO authentication is desired for your institution. This will require approximately 3-4 weeks of set-up and testing.

    9. Will User Accounts and Saved Searches port over from Research Professional to Pivot-RP?

      No. Users will create their own new user accounts in Pivot-RP with new log-ins. To create an account, they will need to use their institutional email address and a create a password of their choosing. Or, they may create an account using their institutional SSO credentials.

      Users will then want to create their own searches with Pivot-RP. Since the search functionalities are different between Research Professional and Pivot-RP, users would get a limited or inaccurate result set if we simply tried to mimic their Research Professional searches. It takes just seconds to create and save a search within Pivot-RP and we offer guidance on how to do this. Creating a new saved search has the added benefit of allowing users to familiarize themselves with the new features and functionality of Pivot-RP.

    10. Why are you not able to port over user accounts and saved searches from Research Professional?

      There are several reasons your research office and your researchers will benefit from creating new logins and searches for Pivot-RP. First, your research office will have an opportunity to re-engage with your academics as you promote the new features and functionality available with Pivot-RP.  Secondly, by creating their own new user accounts in Pivot-RP your users will be guided through important workflows to claim their profile, provide consent, and acknowledge privacy policies in accordance with data protection best practices.

      In addition, we believe your academics will get better results by setting up new saved searches instead of migrating existing Research Professional ones. Since the Pivot-RP searches function differently due to additional filters, a directly mapped search from Research Professional would not translate into the best results. We can help users with setting up new searches in Pivot-RP, but the process is straightforward and takes just seconds to craft one or more searches.

    11. What changes should I be aware of for Research Professional News?

      There are no changes in content. For Pivot-RP users, Research Professional News content displays in a new browser tab. When users first login to Pivot-RP, they will see your institution’s home dashboard page and funding search capabilities. To view News content, user can select the News tab from the menu bar.

      Research Professional News subscribers will continue to be able to access the same Research Professional News content including our signature magazines Research Fortnight and Research Europe and news alerts. Pivot-RP users will consume the full text of News articles via our more modern user interface. Users can access via direct URL or from the link within Pivot-RP. Depending on how the site is accessed, users may be initially prompted by RP News to click a link to confirm that they are authenticated to view the full text of the article.

    12. When do you expect the new UI to be available for full use?

      Pivot-RP is already live and available for full use. In fact, several hundred research organizations have been using the Pivot-RP service since late 2020.

      For those who have data protection concerns, please note that from November 2021 our data centers will be fully hosted from the EU and therefore be fully compliant with the latest European Data protection regulations.

    13. How do I set up internal funding calls in Pivot-RP?

      Internal Funding calls can be added in minutes by any of your Pivot-RP administrators that you designate with access privileges for adding Internal funding. Via the Pivot-RP admin dashboard, you will find a simple wizard to walk you through adding Internal Opportunities. For guidance on how to set up internal calls, see Extended Training: Creating Internal Funding Opportunities.

    14. Is Research Professional going away? Are there any implications for continuing with Research Professional?

      There are no implications for continuing with Research Professional. Pivot-RP is the new user interface, that you can trial and run in parallel with RP. You decide whether to upgrade or not.

      You will receive the same service and support regardless of which of our user interfaces you are using.

      We do not have a current plan to stop supporting Research Professional and both interfaces will have access to the same funding opportunity content. However, any significant new features and enhancements will go into the Pivot-RP user interface as we are limited to what can be changed in the current RP UI. Also, the additional features and functionality described in this document that are available with Pivot-RP will not be added to Research Professional.

    15. How do I reach support for Pivot-RP?

      The Pivot-RP support team is here to help you at any time. please send any questions here: While you are trialing Pivot-RP, please reach out to our product management or with any questions.

    16. How can I stay informed about changes to Pivot-RP?

      You will find the latest Pivot-RP release notes and webinar recordings here.

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