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    Administrator Functionality Training


    You can watch the full playlist of administrator training videos on YouTube, or, to watch them individually below;


    1. User Management

    This video will show *Research Professional Administrators the options they have for managing user accounts on their subscription.


    2. Shared Resources

    This video demonstrates how *Research Professional Administrators can post shared searches and folders of bookmarks to their Workgroup pages.


    3. Our Institution & Workgroups

    A guide to configuring your university's Our Institution page on *Research Professional. For Networked subscribers, you'll also see how to created, edit and remove Workgroups.


    4. Magazines

    This video will show you how to use the Magazines feature to share selected funding and news with groups of users at your university.


    5. Annotations & Expressions of Interest

    In this video you will learn about annotations, which allow you to add your own information into our funding opportunities for your researchers to see, and Expressions of Interest, which let users flag up opportunities which have caught their attention.


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