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    Rialto Sandbox Environments

    Rialto can be enabled in both Standard and Premium Alma sandbox environments as part of the Rialto implementation. Rialto activation in Alma environments allows for testing Rialto functionality, with some limited functionality within Alma. Alma sandboxes have certain restrictions in place by policy, and this will impact the ability to test full end-to-end processes in Rialto. 

    For more information on Alma Sandbox environments, please refer to Alma Sandbox Environments.

    Rialto Sandbox Activation – Standard

    Institutions within a Standard sandbox will have 5 eBooks platforms enabled to allow for testing basic functionality within Rialto.

    Rialto Sandbox Activation- Premium

    Institutions with a Premium sandbox will have at the time of implementation 5 eBooks platforms activated for testing basic functionality within Rialto. Following the Premium sandbox refresh, which occurs twice in a year (in February and August, on the Sunday after the Alma release on production environments), all subscribed platforms will be active and available within Rialto.

    Holding information will be available within the environment, but the “In your Institution” badge may be inaccurate based on the timing of the refresh, while the Holdings Panel information will be a more accurate reflection of your holdings within the sandbox environment.

    Rialto Sandbox Available Functionality - All Sandbox Environments

    • Ability to search in the Rialto Marketplace, test order process, including add to cart, check out, and the approval process.
    • Ability to apply Rialto User Roles.
    • Ability to manage and view cart templates.
    • Ability to order from Purchase Requests.
    • Ability to manage and view Recommendation Feeds.
    • Ability to edit and share Lists.
    • Ability to create Selection Plans

    Rialto Sandbox Limitations - All Sandbox Environments

    • The activation of portfolios within sandbox environments will be unavailable. Records will show as inactive portfolios added to the activated collections.
    • Print and eletronic orders will remain as the initial brief record, and will not be updated to the full MARC record
    • All orders placed within the sandbox will terminate with a status of "Alma Order Created", or in some cases "Failed to Send Order".
    • DDA activation will be unavailable.
    • Interested User notifications will not be sent.
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