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    User Notifications in Rialto

    Notifications is an opt-in, system-level interface that displays items requiring your attention. Staff can elect to receive notifications centered on Rialto orders and workflows. Users who opt-in can receive a pop-up and/or email when orders are cancelled, rejected, or require intervention, etc. Users will also see the message (with actionable links) in the Notifications panel. For a walk through on viewing and managing user notifications, watch User Notifications (2:00 min).

    The Notifications Panel

    The Notifications list is a helpful way to view Rialto orders requiring your attention for the last month. After one month's time, all notifications are deleted. The order of the notifications is from the most recent and down, by time and date. 

    To open the Notifications panel:
    1. To open the Notifications panel, select the notifications panel icon.png icon on the persistent menu bar in Alma. The system checks for changes to your tasks every few minutes, and if new changes exist, the counter is displayed on the icon - notifications panel icon with number.png
    2. To have the panel constantly displayed, pin it to Alma screen by selecting the pin panel icon.png icon. 
      Pinned notification panel

    Configuring the Notifications 

    You control which notifications you receive and do not receive. These selections can be made and configured at any moment. You can opt to receive notifications to your email box, or see them as pop-up messages. All notifications will be present within the panel.

    To configure notifications:
    1. Click the bell icon on the navigation
    2. Click the table configuration icon.png icon to open the configuration section of the Notifications panel. 
      Notifications configuration screen.png
    3. To enable notifications of a certain category (Market, etc.), toggle on the control. 
    4. To enable specific notification types within the category (for example, notifications on the creation on new PO lines), select the relevant checkbox. 
    5. To opt in to receive notifications to your email box, click Notification Preferences, and then select the "Email" checkbox. 
      Emails are sent to the address defined as your 'Primary' email address. The Alma Administrator needs to make sure that the email is in the email allowed list in Alma.
      The letter that is sent is 'User Notifications (New Gen)', see Configuring Alma Letters. Please note when configuring this letter that edits will apply to all notifications sent from Rialto. 
    6. To opt in to received notifications as pop-up messages, click Notification Preferences, and then select the "Pop-up (immediate)" checkbox. Example of a popup notification:
      Rialto notification popup.png

    Working with Notifications 

    To: Do:
    Change the state from Unread to Read
    • Blue dot - Unread
    • No dot - Read
      read notification.png
    • To mark a notification as read, click the "..." button and select 'Mark as Read'.
    • To mark all notifications as read, select the "Mark all as read" option on the bottom bar. 
    Dismiss notifications

    A dismissed notification is deleted immediately and cannot be restored. 

    • To dismiss a notification, click the "..." button and select 'Dismiss'.
    • To dismiss all notifications in the panel, select the "Dismiss all" option on the bottom bar. 
    Filter notifications

    You can filter notifications by:

    • Category - Select a category to display only notifications belonging to this category (Market, etc).

      Currently, the only category is 'Market' for Rialto-related notifications. In the future, additional notifications will be added.

    • Status - Select a status to display only notifications of this status (success, warning, information, failed).
    Jump to the item Select the Go To link. This opens the relevant item in Alma / Rialto. 
    Block notifications of a certain type

    If you are not interested in receiving notifications of a certain type (for example, notifications on the creation on new PO lines), you can block them. 

    • To block, click the "..." button and select 'Deactivate Type'
    • To re-activate these notifications, go the the Notifications Configuration (see below).


    Current Available Notifications

    The following notifications are available:

    Notification Available for  Description
    File upload finished successfully All users Get notified when file upload to list finished successfully.
    File upload failed All users Get notified when file upload to list has failed.
    File upload aborted All users Get notified when file upload to list has been aborted.
    Titles Created All users Get notified when a title alert generates a new list for review.
    Order Requires Review Purchasers/Approvers Notification about orders that requires review. 
    Order Cancelled Purchasers/Approvers Notification for when an order has been cancelled.
    Order Rejected Selectors Get notified when an order has been rejected by approval staff.
    EBA Smart Selection completed Rialto Administrators Get notified when a smart selection has been completed successfully.
    EBA plan end soon Rialto Administrators Get notified when an EBA plan is approaching it's end date.
    Ended EBA plan awaiting title selection Rialto Administrators Get notified when an EBA plan is closed and awaiting title selection.
    Request Order Cancellation Rejected Purchasers/Approvers Get notified when an order cancellation request is rejected.
    Title now available All users Receive a notification when a title on a list you own (or has been shared with you) has changed availability status from Not Yet Published to Available. 
    New Titles Awaiting Approval Purchasers/Approvers Receive a notification when titles are submitted by selection staff for approval. 
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