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    March 2021 Release

    DDA Profile Page Sunsetted

    March 2021 RialtoNGS-4259

    Since the Selection Plans now offer the ability to automatically add to DDA plans, ProQuest is terminating the support for the DDA Profile page. The page and the menu link leading to the page are removed from Rialto as of the March release. 

    If you still need to access the DDA Profile page for specific needs, contact Rialto customer support. 

    See Adding Offers to DDA Pool and Adding Offers to DDA Pool

    Book Pre-ordering Supported Soon in the Rialto Marketplace

    March 2021 Rialto

    Starting from mid March 2021, selectors will be able to view ebooks that have yet to be published, and add them to lists/cart to be purchased at a later date.

    A Not Yet Published badge will appear for these offers, and users will be able to see the anticipated publish date for their region (US/UK) within the offer details.


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