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    Rialto 2021 Release Notes

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    Viewing Access Model and Portfolios in Holdings Panel

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-3528
    The Holdings panel now displays the access model of e-books. Access model defines how many users can simultaneously access a resource and is available on each portfolio.The access models for which Rialto icons exist display as Rialto icons, and the other access models display the code of the access model, with the ability to view the short description on the model on hover. For more information about access model, see Managing Access Models.

    In addition, the "Available For" statement is now showing for each portfolio individually.

    Visibility into this information in the Holdings pane reduces the amount of user clicks into Alma required to evaluate whether to purchase additional offers. 

    access model and portfolio in holdings view.png

    See Locating Offers that Match your Holdings.

    Rush Awareness on Cart Approval

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-3734
    For institutions in regions where ProQuest offers rush handling, users now can display in Carts Approval page whether a rushed offer is included in the carts awaiting approval. This helps prioritizing the Approver's work and makes sure that rushed offers are handled first. 

    rushed offering in cart.png

    Support for Collections

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-2520, 3033
    In the query builder on the Recommendations Profile page, you can now search for specific collections. This allows you to create feeds that focus on acquiring offers from a specific collection, or to omit the offers for which you have an active plan. 

    support for collections in recommedations profilfe.png

    For offers included in a collection, the feeds and search results now display a badge "Part Of Collection". Hover over the badge to see the name of the collection it belongs to. 

    Query Builder Operations for Include/Exclude

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-3024
    In the query builder on the Recommendations Profile and Selection Plan pages, the Include and Exclude text operators are now available for all fields instead of symbols. In addition, boolean fields such as "Downloadable" and "DDA Available" have been streamlined. This simplifies building workable profiles and provides better visibility.

    include and exlude operators in boolean fields.png

    Reporting Codes in Display Order

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-3874
    The order of Report Code values in the cart is now inherited from the Reporting Codes table (see Configuring Reporting Codes), and can be set from there. Note that if the values were changed in the Reporting Codes table, you need to refresh the Cart for the list of Report Codes to display the new order. 

    setting order of reporting codes.png

    See Adding to Shopping Cart and Submitting to Approval and Rialto Purchaser Guide.

    Selection Plans (formerly Scheduled Purchasing)

    Scheduled Purchasing Renamed  to Selection Plans

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-4096
    The Scheduled Purchasing  plans were renamed to Selection Plans, for clearer recognition and brevity. 

    See Selection PlansSelection Plan Management and List of Rialto Badges

    Vewing Creator and Modifier of the Selection Plan

    January 2021 RialtoNGS-3925
    Now the Selection Plans page displays the name of the user who created and last modified the Selection Plan. To see this information for any specific plan, expand the Selection Plans panel. 
    selection plan created by and modified by.png               selection plan created by and modified by in right pane.png

    e-Activation Tasks Bypassed

    February 2021 RialtoNGS-2871
    Institutions no longer have to go through the manual profile activation step after MD import takes place. This step is now bypassed automatically. If your library workflow requires this step and you would need to reintroduce it, please contact customer support. 

    Access Model Sent as Part of the Order

    February 2021 RialtoNGS-3349
    Now the marketplace license as appears on the offer is mapped to the "Access Model" field on the PO Line. This helps you make sure that the correct access model (license type) is sent with the order, so you can monitor what license level was purchased from the PO line.

    access model in order.png
    Marketplace access type on the offer
    access model in poline.png
    Once purchased, this marketplace access type is mapped to the access model in the PO Line

    Wolters Kluwer Ovid Available Soon in the Rialto Marketplace

    February 2021 RialtoNGS-3221, 4107
    Thousands of ebooks from the Wolters Kluwer Ovid platform will be enabled for acquisition through the Rialto marketplace on February 8th, 2021. This expansion of Rialto offerings is important now more than ever before as librarians meet the demands from students and faculty for ebooks and other digital media for remote learning. Please contact Rialto customer support to enable the new platform, if you are unable to purchase. 

    Wolters Kluwer Health is a leading global provider of information, business intelligence and point–of–care solutions for the healthcare industry. Wolters Kluwer Ovid offers ebooks from scholarly publishers in a range of disciplines in the health sciences, including medicine, nursing, and pharmacology.

    Support for Multiple ISBNs in ISBN Search Added

    February 2021 RialtoNGS-3039
    Now you can search for several ISBNs at once. To do that, enter more than one ISBN into "ISBN" marketplace search, and place "OR" before the list of ISBN numbers:

    Searching for multiple ISBNs.png

    This can help you search in bulk is cases such as when coming from a reading list or excel list of ISBNs, or when your reading list includes both 10 and 13-digit ISBNs: both ISBNs can be added to the ISBN market search.

    The number of ISBNs that you can search for is limited to 256 characters in total (the length of the browser call).

    See Searching the Marketplace

    Publication Year Range Added to Work Search Results

    February 2021 RialtoNGS-3977
    Now the work search results display a range of publication years for the offers included in it. 

    If the work only contains one offer and the publication year has not been provided, then a range display will not appear and the space will be blank. 

    pub year range in works.png

    Fund and Rush Facet Added to Order History

    February 2021 RialtoNGS-3993
    The Fund and Rush facets were added to the Order History page:

    • The Fund facet allows you to refine your order history by fund used, for better visibility of spend from a particular fund in Rialto.
    • If you are configured to allow for rush purchases, you are now able to refine the order history by whether or not rush shipment was requested for an item. 

    Fund facet in Order History page.png

    See Monitoring the Order Status

    Updated Counts at the Work Level 

    February 2021 Rialto

    After performing a search, facet counts now reflect the total count for offers within the works presented. Work counts at the top of the work results remain the same, however a tool tip has been introduced next to this number to clarify count discrepancies.


    Dewey Decimal Enhancement

    February 2021 Rialto

    Now you are able to query for and refine your search results by numbers to the right of the decimal in the Dewey Decimal System. This allows you to more accurately search for and identify desired materials with reduced clicks.

    facet for dewey search results including results with decimal hierarchy

    See Working with Facets.

    DDA Profile Page Sunsetted

    March 2021 RialtoNGS-4259

    Since the Selection Plans now offer the ability to automatically add to DDA plans, ProQuest is terminating the support for the DDA Profile page. The page and the menu link leading to the page are removed from Rialto as of the March release. 

    If you still need to access the DDA Profile page for specific needs, contact Rialto customer support. 

    See Adding Offers to DDA Pool and Adding Offers to DDA Pool

    Book Pre-ordering Supported Soon in the Rialto Marketplace

    March 2021 Rialto

    Starting from mid March 2021, selectors will be able to view ebooks that have yet to be published, and add them to lists/cart to be purchased at a later date.

    A Not Yet Published badge will appear for these offers, and users will be able to see the anticipated publish date for their region (US/UK) within the offer details.


    Orders Awaiting Approval Task List

    May 2021 Rialto

    Currently, acquisitions staff has to check out entire selector carts when submitting to the vendor, which means no selective ordering (unless offers are rejected from the cart), and the same ordering library must be applied for all offers, ultimately limiting access to funds and shelving locations.

    To make the approval process more flexible, selector submitted orders in Rialto can now be completed offer by offer (or in bulk) via the Orders Awaiting Approval Task List. When selecting Market > Orders > Orders Awaiting Approval, all the offers that were submitted by all the Selectors can now be displayed in one actionable list. Acquisitions staff can review one or several items simultaneously, without any consideration of the selector cart they came from, and perform any of the following:

    • Facet the list of offers to view titles that require immediate attention, or that users may be assigned to, using the new "Route To" field applied from a selector's cart (for details, see Routing Cart Offers into Categories).
    • Claim assignment of offers on the list so that other staff members have viability into what is being worked on
    • Check out, apply templates, or reject by individual offer, or in bulk 

    To implement this new acquisitions workflow, including the "Route To" field (see Routing Cart Offers into Categories), please contact Customer Support. The existing workflow of approving the entire cart will be phased out in upcoming releases. 

    Routing Cart Offers into Categories

    May 2021 Rialto NGS-2431

    A new field "Route cart item into category" is available for use in the cart, cart templates, and the Selection Plan rules. This field enables users to route cart offers that are up for approval into categories that were defined by the institution (for example: subjects, names of particular users, etc.), which then enables acquisitions staff to facet the Order Approval Task List (see Orders Awaiting Approval) by these values.

    This field is meant to be paired with the Orders Awaiting Approval Task List, and needs to be configured with assistance from Customer Support. It will not display unless requested to. 

    Choose cart route field in cart.png 

    Selecting a route in the cart


    Filtering by the Routes facet

    See Routing Cart Offers into Categories.

    Network Holdings Support

    May 2021 Rialto NGS-1949

    Institutions that belong to a Network Zone can now see holdings records that are available in associated institutions, in addition to the holdings records of the institution.   

    NZ holdings panel.png

    The first record is an institutional record, the second record is a network record held by another member of the Network Zone

    When the holdings record is linked to the network, you can select the link to view the record's details. If the record is not linked to the network, the link is not active. 

    NZ holdings panel link active.png

    Electronic portfolios are shown only if they are active. This means that if the item was purchased but not yet activated, other members in a consortia would not know that the item was purchased. Print items are shown even if they are not currently available. 

    This development is disabled by default. To enable it for your institution, contact Customer Support. 

    See Locating Offers that Match your Holdings

    Query Builder Filter Updates

    May 2021 Rialto

    The below updates were introduced to the query builder of the Feed Profile. 

    "Date Added" to be deprecated 

    The "Date Added" filter will be removed from the query builder within the May release. For a short period of time, it will appear with 'Deprecated' in the title, then it will be removed. ProQuest will contact you if we have identified that your institution is using it; otherwise, going forward please do not use this filter, use "Use "Added x weeks ago" instead. 

    "Available x weeks ago"

    A new field was introduced in the query builder: "Available x weeks ago". This field captures when offers are added to the marketplace, as well as when offers are newly made available; for example, when an offer previously flagged as "Not Yet Published" becomes available per the publisher/platform. 

    "Awards" and "Reviews" (beta)

    Two new beta-stage fields were introduced:

    • Awards - Use the "Awards" filter to narrow offers in feeds and Selection Plans down to specific award recipients or nominees. 
    • Reviews - Use the "Reviews" filter to refine offers by review source.

    See Configuring the Recommendations Feed Profile.

    Searching for Fund by Code

    May 2021 Rialto NGS-2827

    Now when selecting a fund, you can enter the fund code, as well as the fund name. This is available on all pages where you need to select a fund.

    See Filling in the Cart Options

    Support Discontinued for Internet Explorer

    May 2021 Rialto NGS-4568

    Starting from the May 2021 release, Rialto no longer supports the Internet Explorer browser; no longer fixing potential display and performance issues on IE. ProQuest recommends that you switch to a different browser: Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

    The below banner now appear after each login to Rialto via IE. You cannot remove the banner; it does not appear in other browsers. 

    discontinued support for IE.png

    Improved Usability on Small Screens

    May 2021 Rialto NGS-4564

    To improve usability for users who work on machines with screens smaller than 1024px (such as laptops, iPads, etc.), a new view was introduced specifically for small screens that displays the most important information you need to get your job done, while hiding the less important information.

    Page View Description
    Full Page View full page view.png

    New for May! This view displays the most important information you need to get your job done, while hiding the less important information.

    • The details pane of the offer takes up the screen, and the list of offers becomes hidden. If you have several offers in your lists, navigate between them using the Up and Down arrows. To display the list, select Back to List on top of the page. 
    • The left panel is collapsed by default (you can open it, if needed). If you have opened it, it will close again when you navigate to a different offer. 
    • The facets list becomes hidden.  
    • The header disappears. 

    Full page view page.png

    See Rialto Page Views.

    Curated Lists

    June 2021 Rialto

    ProQuest has made available a large number of curated lists of cross-subject titles, so that you can confidently identify quality offers that meet topical, multiple subject needs. To see the collection of curated lists being offered, select the "Curated Lists" link in the Rialto menu (Market Market > Curated Lists).

    Curated lists main page.png

    From this page, select a curated list you would like to view. In the feed that opens, you can add offers to lists/ cart/ DDA pool. To help you work with the curated list, you can apply any facet available to the feed, and apply defined rankings to sort the list. 

    example curated list.png

    See Working with Curated Lists.

    New facets in the DDA pool

    June 2021 Rialto

    To better evaluate the candidates for purchase in your DDA pool, you can now search and facet your pool of DDA candidates (for all programs) by:

    • The month the title was added to DDA pool.
    • The user who added the title. Users that were since deleted from the system appear as 'Deleted', with their ID number, to make it easier to distinguish between them. 
    • The titles added from a Selection Plan. Selection Plans that were since deleted from the system appear as 'Deleted', with their ID number. 
    June 2021 Rialto NGS-2431

    To help users quickly get to the Marketplace search in order to search for and purchase titles, a link "Market Search" was added to the Rialto menu. When selecting this link, a page opens with the 'Market' option already selected in the persistent search box that appears at the top of each page.

    Market Search link in menu.png

    See Searching the Rialto Marketplace

    4th and 5th reporting codes added

    June 2021 Rialto NGS-1949

    In the May release, Alma added the 4th and 5th reporting codes to the Purchase Order Line. These codes are now available for selection in Rialto cart, cart templates, Selection Plan rules, and in the Orders Awaiting Approval Task List.

    five reporting codes.png

    Watch the Additional Reporting Codes in PO Lines video (1:53 minutes) for an explanation of this addition to the Purchase Order Line page.

    Auto-complete on "Publisher" field in Recommendation Profiles and Selection Plans

    July 2021 Rialto NGS-3499

    Auto-complete was introduced on the "Publisher" field in the Recommendation Profile and Selection Plan query builder. When you start typing characters contained in publisher's name, a list opens of names that contain these characters, and you can select from this list. You are not required to choose from the list and can enter the publisher value as you see fit. This can be helpful when trying to match several publishers with similar names.

    Autocomplete on publisher field.png

    Support for Multi-selection in Recommendation Profiles and Selection Plans

    July 2021 Rialto NGS-4702

    Recommendation Profiles and Selection Plans now allow you to select multiple values to include or exclude at one time. This allows you to build succinct queries using fewer clicks. This is now possible in the following fields:

    • Binding
    • Country of publication
    • Genre
    • Interdisciplinary studies
    • Language
    • License
    • Platform
    • Readership level
    • Regional focus

    multi select in query builder.png

    Stock Status in Offer Details

    July 2021 Rialto NGS-4945

    Offer details now display the estimated delivery time for a title if it is available. You will see "In Stock" for titles that are available through a local provider. This will help you make a decision for those items requiring prompt availability. 

    stock status in offer details.png

    Reviews and Awards Facets

    July 2021 Rialto NGS-924, 797

    Now you can facet your Marketplace search results by awards and reviews by source. This helps you to supply your library with the highest-quality materials. Both facets allow multi-selection of values. When you start typing characters contained these facets, a list opens of names that contain these characters, and you can select from this list. 
    Awards and reviews facets in Market.png

    See Working with Facets.  

    Sorting Options Added to Orders Awaiting Approval Task List

    July 2021 RialtoNGS-4934

    Now you can sort the results that appear in the Orders Awaiting Approval Task List by the following values:

    • Date ascending (default) or descending
    • Offer title
    • Selector

    When the list of orders awaiting approval gets long, this helps you easily find the orders that need your attention.

    sorting in the orders task list.png

    See Orders Awaiting Approval

    Selection Plan History Page

    August 2021 Rialto NGS-4973

    You can now view the history of items that were purchased and added to DDA for each Selection Plan. Each time the Selection Plan runs, you can see the number of titles that were purchased and added to DDA. It will also show you total spent.

    Selection plan - history of plans.png

    See Viewing the Purchase History of Selection Plans.

    Price Included in Export to Excel 

    August 2021 Rialto NGS-3426

    Now offer prices on an offer list are exported from Rialto to Excel, so that you can better evaluate purchases, even when offline. 

    Bulk Actions on Offer Lists 

    August 2021 Rialto NGS--2985

    Now you have the ability to perform bulk actions on offer lists across Rialto. As everywhere else in Alma, to perform bulk actions, select the boxes by the entities you want to work with, and then select the desired action from the actions above the table. 

    bulk actions on curated lists.png

    The following bulk actions on the following pages are now available:

    • List
      • Add to cart
      • Move to cart
      • Remove
      • Add to DDA
      • Pin to EBA
      • Add to list (choose list)
      • Move to list (choose list)
    • Curated list
      • Add to cart
      • Add to DDA
      • Pin to EBA
      • Add to list (choose list)
    • Selection Plan review
      • Reject
    • DDA pool
      • Add to list (choose list)
      • Add to cart

    Profile Creator/Modifier Name and Date Exposed

    August 2021 Rialto NGS-3887

    Now the name of the user who created a profile, and dates on which it was created and last modified are exposed on the profile lists page, so that users can better manage the profiles. In some pages these columns might be hidden, to display them select the display columns icon.pngicon. 

    "Transaction Type" and "Selection Plan" Facets in Order History Page

    August 2021 Rialto NGS-4550

    Two new facets were added to the Order History page:

    • "Transaction Type" - enables to select between the below transaction types, so that you can readily identify orders. 
      • Firm order
      • Selection plan
    • "Selection Plan Profile" - enables you to to narrow the results down to specific Selection Plans.

    transaction type and selection plan facets.png

    See Monitoring the Order Status

    "Purchased in Rialto" Badge Added

    August 2021 Rialto NGS--4625

    The "Purchased in Rialto" badge was added to Rialto for titles purchased via the Rialto marketplace. This badge will be displayed on both work and offer pages.

    See List of Rialto Badges.

    "Pending DDA" Badge Added

    August 2021 Rialto NGS-5100

    For offers that were included to DDA pools, the "Pending DDA" badge now appears while the offer is being sent to the DDA platform. Once the platform has acknowledged the title was added to DDA, the badge will change to "In DDA Pool".

    See Adding Offers to the DDA Pool and List of Rialto Badges.

    Icon and Badge Colors Reworked

    August 2021 RialtoNGS-4974

    The offer view in Rialto was streamlined to reduce the visual clutter on the offer lines and enable easier focus on the details that matter to your current title search. Among the changes:

    • Now icons are used whenever is possible for electronic items and collection information,
    • Colors for some badges were changed,
    • Label for "related activity" was changed to "library activity",
    • display text on hover for all badges,
    • A new badge was added for the Network Zone that displays availability of holdings in other institutions in the Network Zone.  

    See List of Rialto Badges.

    Ability to Hide Rialto Reports in Alma Analytics

    August 2021 RialtoNGS-5027

    If the Rialto out-of-the-box reports are not useful for your institution, you can now hide them to avoid user confusion.

    To hide reports, contact Rialto customer support.


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